Process to Quality Success

Diamantin Matchmaking process begins by completing a confidential questionnaire on this website ((click here to Get Started) or by calling us directly at 0030 2104120916 or 0030 6974370281 in order to meet you personally, to understand you and your needs, so we can select the person the right person for you, from Athens, the islands, all over Greece, Europe and USA.

We focus on your dreams

After gathering and studying your personal information, the next step is to meet people that are compatible with your standards, for an intention to marriage. Diamantin Matchmakers will be next to you during this whole process. After each appointment you need to inform us so we can discuss your thoughts/impressions to understand you even better and to help you fulfil the relationship you want.

This process will continue until you reach the goal of your dreams.

Life's greatest happiness is to love and be loved.